Grizedale Residency - Exhibition now open!

"The Grizedale Residency is a six week annual residency programme led by the Royal Society of Sculptors in partnership with Forestry England at Grizedale Forest. Generously supported by the Brian Mercer Charitable Trust.  This residency programme is aimed at fostering experimentation and innovation in response to the natural environment. Two sculptors - a Society member and an early-career sculptor based in the North West - were selected to work side by side, enabling them to explore, test and develop new ideas and processes. The key aim of this residency was to encourage a shared verbal and visual dialogue between the two artists and ultimately inspire and further the language of their individual practice."

Exhibition is open until 15th December 2019


Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2019

Very happy to share that I was selected as one of the ten finalists for the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize. Each finalist will be commissioned to realize a new piece of work, that will be on site for a year at Broomhill Sculpture Garden. 

You can follow progress of making the sculptures on this blog



So happy to share that I was selected for the Grizedale Residency Award by the Royal Society of Sculptures and Grizedale Sculpture Forest and will have the chance to spend a 6 week long residency there and make new works in response to this very beautiful place. 

more info here and here



I am delighted to announce that I was selected for the Malt AIR scholarship and going to spend 4 months at Maltfabrikken in Denmark from December on.


Gilbert Bayes Award

I am so pleased to announce that I was awarded the Gilbert Bayes Award by the Royal Society of Sculptors and now very much looking forward to an exciting 2019!


Invitation | SHAPE!

SHAPE! at galerie burster berlin

23 November 2018 – 19 January 2019 

Opening Friday, 23 November 2018, 7 – 9 PM

group show with Jessica Buhlmann,    Li-Wen Kuo, Maria Schumacher,  Karolin Schwab


Moving Silently, group show at Niles Film Museum, San Francisco, California

16 - 18 November 2018

Opening Friday 16 November 6 pm

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